Agrikol group building the expansion of 121,475 m2 for Desert Joy Tunisia

Agrikol group building the expansion of 121,475 m2 for Desert Joy Tunisia

On November 1st, 2021, Agrikol Norway started on a massive expansion for Desert Joy Tunisia glasshouses in Al-Hammah, Tunisia.
The expansion contains of glasshouse (102.720 m²), corridor (3.835 m²), cantine (1.080 m²) and Packing Hall/Technical Room (13.840 m²).

The construction will involve Foundation dollies + perimeter wall,  Steel structure with vent system +  internal separation wall, Cladding gh roof/sides with glass + solar panels in roof corridor + solar panels, Insect nets, Rain and condestion water discharge,  Crop wire support and Roof wash rail system.

The glasshouse complex will contain the following internal equipment: Screen system, CO2 installation, Electrical, automation and computer installation (climate compartments, horizontal fan, Priva computer, electrical installations, sensors and equipment), Irrigation system, Water tanks, High pressure fog systemHeating system will consist of underground pipes, mixing groups, tichelman system, rail pipes, wall pipes and pipe holders, Boiler room and accessories, and a HST of 4.000m3.

With many big names in the industry on this project – Agrocare, CombiCoop, FlexiBell Systems Group, VB Climate B.V., the team is working day and night on this project to provide the best service a contractor can offer.

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