Agrikol in Saudi Arabia

Agrikol in Saudi Arabia

One of the most remarkable greenhouse projects Agrikol is building, is the greenhouse complex that is being realized in Saudi Arabia.

The Dava Corporation enterprise will be the largest greenhouse project of Saudi Arabia. They are currently realizing the first phase of 15-hectare Venlo-Greenhouse.

In the greenhouse will be grown tomatoes.

The facility will be equipped with pad-and-fan-cooling to deal with the heat, something of high relevance when growing in Saudi Arabia.

This region has been an agricultural region for almost a century since it offers relatively positive circumstances for these activities: the temperature rises sharply but every now and then it rains, which is of importance in a country where water scarcity is a given fact.

The year-round production is important to the company and to the country in general. With the launch of the Vision 2030 program, they declared the ambition to lower the current 70% of food imports. Large-scale investments in horticulture are one of the ways how this will be realized.

The total project will include no less than six greenhouses released in three phases with a central packaging – and technical area and a compartment to propagate the young plants. Following the first 14.5 hectare the realization of the second and third phase will come along this and next year, resulting in the total 44 hectares project released within a year and half and spread out over different locations.

To realize the project in the pace, the team with Agrikol, which is in charge for the total installation, currently has around 50 workers there.

Area: 15ha
Location: Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia
Continent: Africa
Construction year: 2019
Construction type: Glasshouse Constructions
Client: Dava

Project description:

Foundation, construction, cladding, packing and technical area, screen installation, heating, painting pipes and lowering pipes, boiler room, CO2 installation, irrigation, via lux UV sterilizer, automation and computer installation, hanging cultivation, gutter system, ground covering

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