Agrikol is building in France

Agrikol is building in France

Agrikol has started work on another in a series of projects for company Filclair from France.

Filclair began its work in 1963 when it designed the first greenhouse. Up to date, their projects cover over 5,000 hectares of land in over 70 countries. Respecting the laws of nature and the environment, Filclair has positioned itself on the market as an expert on agronomic climate. The main goal is to introduce new technologies in order to improve the development of culture and get the best possible product. The company has 22 patents behind it.

The greenhouse that Agrikol works on covers an area of 6 ha. The purpose is organic food cultivation, in a land without heating and synthetic pesticides, in order to get 40 kg per m2. The greenhouse is designed with maximum lighting, optimized ventilation, waterproofing and insect protection. The estimated duration of the project is 160 days.

Project: France Terre & Culture Filclair Project (SCI TERRES ET CULTURES)

Location: Nantes, France

Surface: 61 785,60 m²

Sevices: Foundation, Steel Structure and ventilation, Roof covering with double foil, Cladding sides and gables, Partition walls, Low vent system at gables, Crop wires, Doors

Address: 61, Avenue de la Grande Bégude
CS 90101 13615 Venelles Cedex FRANCE
Phone: 04 42 54 07 97 

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