Agrikol is building in Brasil: Brasil Fonte Verde Project

Agrikol is building in Brasil: Brasil Fonte Verde Project

AGRIKOL is rapidly developing in the sphere of its construction and assembly works, on a global level. Due to this trend, it built the image of a growing company that provides its services quickly, quality and efficient. Only in 2018, more than 80 projects were done worldwide – from Kazakhstan to Japan, from Italy to Russia, and from Abu Dhabi to America.

Business is based on a confident and expert building team. High quality standards of work and montage service by professional team put company on leading position in greenhouse business around the world. Agrikol offers service of montage which includes following operations: preparation of materials, leveling of soil.

One of the most interesting project, on which company is working is in Brasil. The greenhouse is nearing completion.

The company Fonte Verde Agro started research in 2015 into a high-tech tomato production location in Brazil. The company is located in Andradas, the southern region of Minas Gerais. Currently, 2 hectares are being built, of which more than 1.5 are for the production of tasty tomatoes. The company is built and furnished according to Dutch standards and techniques. Fonte Verde Agro can eventually expand to more than 12 hectares at its location in Minas Gerais. By using modern technology, Fonte Verde Agro will make a positive contribution to food security and quality requirements, which are increasingly expected by Brazilian consumers.

We asked our client Mr. Arjan Kouwenhoven about this project and plans for the future.

Q: What attracted you to start production in Brasil?

Arjan: The market is quit big and I think that we, with Dutch technologies, can offer a continuously good quality.

Q: What makes your company sustainable?

Arjan: We are going to use high tech equipment to supply and re-use water, that will give us a lower use off water per kg tomato,
In open field you need 60 liter water per kg tomatoes, we are gone use 12 liter per kg.

Q: Do you plan to expand production to some other crop besides tomatoes?

Arjan: Let us first start with tomatoes and see how this goes, and grows, in these circumstances.

Project: Brasil Fonte Verde

Location: Andradas, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Surface: 2.1ha

Service: greenhouse growing area, service area, greenhouse structure equipment, screen installation, heating (boiler room), greenhouse heating, CO2 installation, buffer tank installation, irrigation system, automation and computer installation

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