Agrikol business at the time of the COVID 19 virus

Agrikol business at the time of the COVID 19 virus

In these difficult days, the days of the COVID 19 virus, when the world economy suffers great consequences, AGRIKOL does not stop. At one point it seemed as if much of the world had stopped, but not AGRIKOL. We continue to work, respecting the deadlines and wishes of clients, we work day and night. Our teams in Mexico and Russia are working multiple shifts, 24 hours active on construction sites. At this pace, the projects of Mexico Inverca and Vila Serre Mexico will be completed in 6 months. This is further proof of the professionalism of AGRIKOL, cause the crisis caused by the Corona virus can not affects our work on construction sites around the world. Following all the regulations, we continue with a string of successfully completed projects, as always.

“The only reason for continuing the work is that we want and need to move on. We are aware of the whole situation and behave in accordance with all measures of protection, but life and work must continue, we cannot allow ourselves to stop.
On the other hand, this is a great responsibility of Agrikol, as you know have more than 500 workers (in total), their existence depends on the success-failure of our company.

We are very proud of this success (for us this is big success), you will admit that only the most persistent in this difficult situation survive. Everyone knows that it’s not easy to work hard and stay consistent with the deadlines and all principles in the midst of the Corona virus crisis.” says Nikola Petkovic.

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