AZROM – AGRIKOL cooperation

AZROM – AGRIKOL cooperation

Our respectful client Azrom is a leader in the global agricultural market, and applies its experience and expertise to the design, engineering and manufacturing of greenhouses, customized per terrain, climate, crop, and customer needs, whatever they may be, wherever in the world. That is Azrom’s mark of distinction – its ability to come up with innovative and creative solutions that meet the most challenging demands.
“At Azrom, we maintain excellence and a leading position in the international market by providing agricultural solutions that combine knowhow with advanced technologies, while focusing on environmental conservation for the benefit of people and the planet.”Azrom’s Vision

Mr. Zviki – AZROM Marketing Manager points out : “ I’m always happy and satisfy when I’m working with you. Nawel always supportive with the quotations and Ivana with the pictures she is sending me. Regards the professional work you do in the site, overall I think you are doing good job and your staff are professional. Azrom and Agrikol goes together now for long time. It works great in most cases and we see these relationships continue for many years. One example is Greece project….”

photography form construction site Greece AZROM Corinth

We worked together on so many projects, but currently we are finishing GREECE AZROM CORINTH project. This greenhouse that we are finishing  is intended for the production of cannabis.

Area: 2ha
Location: Greece
Continent: Europe
Construction year: 2019/2020
Construction type: Greenhouse Constructions
Client: Azrom

Project description: building greenhouse phase A, covering, growing gutters and growing tables, mechanical ventilation, high pressure fogging, screen system, hot water heating, Par lighting, entrance pavilions, irrigation system, irrigation room-nursery, electricity system, controlling system

Azrom Head office 
Industrial area Kibbutz Ein Tzurim , 7951000
Tel: 972-8-6715992
Fax: 972-8-6716278

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