CANEXUS project

CANEXUS project

One of Agricol’s projects is the Canexus project – the production of industrial cannabis. The production unit is located in Subotica near Aleksandrovac. Milica Kljajic, agricultural technician – plant protectionist, who is working on this project, says that for her Canexus represents the energy of enthusiasm and good intuition with business content. Milica speaks enthusiastically about her job and work obligations because she really does what she loves.

When asked whether cannabis production is a lucrative business in Serbia, Milica answered: “Yes, it certainly is. So far, there have been various technological branches that have implied the cultivation of hemp for fiber as well as for edible oil which is reflected in the existing assortment. The boom in the new use of cannabis in the pharmaceutical industry has created new perspectives on the exploitation of this ancient culture and enabled a very special approach to cultivation. ”

Canexus’ plan is to increase production capacities with which a quality and competitive product comes. For now, they offer the market dried cannabis flowers with very high CBD (11.5) and low THC (0.25)%. CBD oil will soon be on their offer.Canexus will be a very successful industry that will have competition on the world market. He further points out that the crisis caused by the Corona virus did not affect the work of the employees of the Canexus project at all, they “remained isolated in their green oasis”.

PHONE: +381 (0) 37 206 971
ADDRESS: Stefana Dečanskog 5, Kruševac, Serbia

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