It all started like in a fairy tale… somewhere far behind the seven mountains, behind the seven seas on the edge of the Sahara in the southeastern part of Tunisia, 2013 Agrikol started cooperation with Agro Care on the Desert Joy 1 project. Year after year, hectares of Agro Cere’s huge farm were lined up.

Agro Care is a young, dynamic, horticultural company in which several varieties of tomatoes are grown, with a special focus on grape tomatoes. With several branches in the Netherlands and Tunisia, Agro Care is one of the largest and most modern tomato production companies in the world. This project is a consequence of the demand for quality tomatoes throughout the year.

At the very beginning, the plan was to expand the project. Now that we are finishing the Desert Joy K8 project, the last part of this fantastic project, we are very proud of this job and that we had the opportunity to be a part of this project. The total area of ​​the Desert Joy project is 40ha. Since the pictures speak more than 1000 words, you can see the gallery in its entirety and the final result.

As global experts in constructing and equipping greenhouses, Agrikol was in charge of installing the foundation, construction, irrigation, heating, Drip and Drain system, CO2 system, electricity, insect nets, Fog system, screen system, etc.

On behalf of the Agrikol company, many thanks to everyone who participated in this project, thanks to the Agrikol team who worked hard all these years, thanks to the guys who helped to collect photos for this article (Goran Pesic, Ivica Pavlovic, Miodrag Ignjatovic).

While we are waiting for the new Desert Joy, let us remind you how it was during the years!


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40ha – 2020 year!!!
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