News from the Canexus project

News from the Canexus project

CANEXUS is one of Agrikol’s projects that has developed very quickly and taken a leading position in the market. CANEXUS production is distinguished by the high quality of CBD flowers – a high percentage of CBD (11.5) and a low percentage of THC (0.25). The certificates that this project has also speak about the quality: HACCP, GMP, GHP, GGN (4063061503299)

Closed production has been expanded to 1 ha of open production. The indoor area is estimated at 236m2, of which: 108m2 greenhouse, 78m2 production facility, 50m2 vegetative part. The outdoor area is 1ha

From closed production we have had 2 cycles so far, from open 1 cycle. We are currently working on trimming and packing the goods obtained from the last harvest from the open field.

The quantity of goods is estimated at about 200 kg from the used area of ​​half hA.

There is a tendency to increase the area of ​​outdoor cultivation, as well as increase the area (capacity) of indoor production that is in progress – 300m2 in which synchronized production will take place indoors, which means that every two weeks a new group of plants would be introduced.

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We hope that at this pace we will be able to meet the needs of our clients!

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Stefana Decanskog 5, Krusevac, Serbia

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