Rabensteiner-Agrikol saradnja

Rabensteiner-Agrikol cooperation

Rabensteiner is a company that has worked for over four decades with specific knowledge and is a specialist in greenhouse construction. Top-level suppliers combined with a continuous improvement process guarantee consistently high-quality standards. 

The team consists of highly specialized engineers, architects, planners, and technicians who offer tailor-made service in terms of quality and technology.

Since  1991, Rabensteiner has been part of the Wierer Holding. Stvorene su vredne sinergije i veštine su spojene zbog uspešne saradnje sa sestrinskom kompanijom Thermo-System Industrie- & Trocknungstechnik.

Gospodin . Martin Hopfgartner je bio tako ljubazan da odgovori na naša pitanja.

Q: What is the purpose of the facility on which Agrikol works – Rabensteiner Germany project?

“One of the Emschergenossenschaft big projects is the reorganization of sewage sludge disposal in the Emscher area. Emschergenossenschaft plans to build a new solar thermal sewage sludge drying facility at the location of our central sludge treatment center in Bottrop. The project has started in May 2019. It is expected that it will be completed in October 2020. The mentioned solar thermal system is crucial for the correct and safe disposal of the sewage sludge since the sewage sludge dried in it will be burned in 2 existing fluidized bed furnaces. “

About Agrikol’s role in this project, Mr.Martin said that “Agrikol is erecting the complete steel construction, mounting the aluminum tracks and cladding the construction with insulated security glass.”

P: Da li ste zadovoljni našom saradnjom?

“Of course we are. Especially when realizing a major project like the solar sludge dryer in Bottrop it’s important  to have reliable and experienced partners at your side in order to be able to work effectively and efficiently.”

Q: Rabensteiner company plans for the future?

“Constant and prosperous growth together with our business partners. And most of all: Stay Healthy!”

Rabensteiner Solar sušilica za mulj Bottrop
Godina: 2020
Continent: Europe
Lokacija: Bottrop, Nemačka
Klijent: Rabensteiner kompanija
Površina: 42.870 m2
Service: assembly of the main corridor, assembly of west halls, assembly of east cladding, rainwater discharge, doors, recirculation system

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