The Growroom is a spherical greenhouse, an urban farm that stacks plants and greeneries tier upon tier, and its design is open-source, that is easy to build. Behind The Growoom is Swedish furniture company, that investigates the future of urban living, as well as the challenges and impacts people face globally. Their goal is to find more sustainable solutions to these sorts of issues.

Composed of a series of stacked plant boxes, the globular Growroom’s goal is to offer “food that tastes better, is healthier for us, more nutritional and doesn’t put massive pressure on our dwindling supplies of fresh water nor our environment.” The design focuses on making the assembly easy and intuitive for anyone to handle,” citing a dual focus on accessibility and affordability. 

You can finally have a sustainable farm even with a limited space. Even in the middle of a city, anyone can plant and harvest healthy foods with this compact greenhouse.

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