Uruguay Pharmin project

Uruguay Pharmin project

Agrikol started cooperation with Pharmin 10.1.2020, working on Urugauay Pharmin project. This great project soon is going to be finished, but Agrikol is looking forward to new cooperation with Pharmin.
RICHEL GROUP is a specialized partner focusing on greenhouse equipment, along with the design and development of the complete greenhouse solution on this project.

Pharmin offers customized formulation and white-label production in a vertically integrated model. Pharmin is a strategic partner providing total supply chain solutions for a profitable cannabis business. Strains, formulations and product specifications are developed with the client and delivered with the highest attention to detail and quality.In addition to THC/CBD processing, Pharmin facility is capable of extracting and purifying other novel cannabinoids and terpenes based on client’s needs. Their facilities are established in Uruguay, the first country to legalize the value chain of cannabis business and consumption. The greenhouse and processing areas are located in Zonamerica, a Uruguayan Free Trade Zone, which provides great competitive advantages such as tax benefits, access to top notch technologies and multiple global service platform.

Uruguay Pharmin project
Area: 2 ha
Location: Zonamerica, Uruguay
Continent: South America
Construction year: 2019/2020
Construction type: Greenhouse Constructions
Client: Pharmin
Project description: Building greenhouse with semi-closed structure, screen system, irrigation system, heating in the greenhouse, hanging gutter system, ground cover, artificial light system, electricity, climate computer system, equipment.

When we asked Mr.Luka – Chief Technology Officer in Pharmin, are they satisfied with our cooperation, he said : “We are satisfied. Taking into consideration the pandemic situation and overall level of difficulty of the project, the communication was good, and the quality of services rendered has been maintained.”  He pointed out that he appreciate Agrikol’s

  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Working atmosphere on site
  • Qualification

Of course we asked about Pharmin’s plans for the future : “After successful execution of the project with Agrikol, Pharmin is looking ahead to the future. We are starting production in September and we are looking forward to finalize construction face in a quality manner, as it is usual from Agrikol.”  

email: info@pharmin.com
tel: +5 982 628 25 50
web: www.pharmin.com

WTC Tower 3, Office 370 Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1248 Montevideo, Uruguay

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