On June 18, 2020, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic together with the Vice President, BIA Director Bratislav Gasic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zoran Lakicevic, Rasina District Mayor Branislav Vesic, Krusevac Mayor Jasmina Palurovic, JKP “Vodovod-Krusevac” Director Vladimir Milosavljevic, PE Director “Roads of Serbia” Zoran Drobnjak, a representative of the German Development Bank Kfw Arne Gos, representatives of the consulting company “Gauf” and representatives of the management and other business entities of the city of Krusevac visited the trial work at the waste water treatment plant.

The new plant has a capacity of 90,000 population equivalent. The construction of the Plant was preceded by works on the sewerage network and two groups of collectors LOT 1 and LOT 2. The network covers urban and rural areas. The total value with the associated construction of the collector network in the length of 63 km is around 24,000,000 euros. The project is financed by the German Development Bank in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, with 95% repaid by the Government and 5% by Vodovod Kruševac. The process part of the Plant consists of facilities and equipment on three lines: water, sludge and biogas lines.

Three years have passed since the laying of the foundation stone, and today the delegation had the opportunity to visit the most modern plant and get acquainted with the work of the latest technology for wastewater treatment in Serbia.

“This is an important day for both Krusevac and Serbia. A wastewater treatment plant has been built and is now in trial operation. It is of great importance for the communal infrastructure of this city, but also for the protection of the environment. This is the most modern factory not only in Serbia, but also in this part of Europe, and we are really proud that practically Serbia, in Krusevac, sets certain standards for some other cities in Serbia, as in fact cities should take care not only of basic infrastructure, they should take care  also about the communal infrastructure without which there is no beautiful and quality life and a better standard of living. Krusevac is an example of a city that is really changing. We have achieved a lot, precisely because we work together. The city of Krusevac, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and all our partners are deserving today because Krusevac can seek to become a “green city” next year. This factory is worth 24 million euros and it will be an example in the sense that solar drying of sludge is being done for the first time and that maybe that dried sludge will go to a power plant that will be able to consume at least 8% of that material from this factory. So, everything we could do with energy from this factory to be environmentally efficient and healthy, we did here through the example of this factory “, said Minister Zorana Mihajlović.

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Agrikol participated in this project in the construction of 2 pools, works on the insulation of the tank and accompanying equipment and the installation of the greenhouse (completely installed by Agrikol). We are proud that we had the opportunity to participate in such an important project for our city, for a more beautiful Krusevac! It is a pleasure after a large number of projects that have been done and that we are doing around the world, to work in the city where the headquarters of Agrikol are located.

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